Student Personal Info. (DOE-SIS)

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International students

          1. Housing report
          2. One-year  visa  extension
          3. 90- day report
          4. Re-entry permit
          5. Work permit 
          6. Health insurance 
          7. Accommodation
          8. Self-check-in form

English Score

Qualification of graduation for M.Sc. student and Ph.D. student

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Examination guidelines in Department of Epidemiology 

1. Qualifying examination (Only for Ph.D. student)

(1)  Announcement 

(2)  Rubrics Assessment form 

(3)   Concept note format

2. Proposal examination

(1)   Announcement 

(2)   Rubrics Assessment form 

(3)   Format checklist 

3. Comprehensive examination (Only for Ph.D. student)

(1)  Announcement 

(2)   Rubrics Assessment form 

4. Thesis examination

(1)   Announcement 

(2)  Rubrics Assessment form 

(3)   Format checklist (updated on Feb 7, 2024)

(4)   Thesis .dot (updated on Feb 7, 2024)

* Senior Proposal and thesis books are available to borrow (Please contact staff)* 


To complete the study, please check the lists

Final examination checklist 

Ethical approval

Plagiarism detection (iThenticate)

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Department of Epidemiology

6th Floor, Administrative Building,
Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University,
15 Kanjanavanich Road, Hat Yai,
Songkhla 90110 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)74-451165-6
Fax: +66 (0)74-429754,
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