Ph.D. (Epidemiology)

About the Ph.D. Programme in Epidemiology

The Doctoral Programme in Epidemiology trains students who have strong foundation in public health and epidemiological sciences to become independent investigators, international scientists, and capable academics/leaders in global public health. The Programme requires students to publish in indexed peer-reviewed journals prior to thesis defense. Graduates of the Programme have taken leadership positions at government agencies, universities, and the private sector as senior scientists, researchers, professors, senior-level public health officers, and research consultants.

Admission Requirements for the Ph.D. (Epidemiology) Programme
  1. Bachelor's degree in health professions such as medicine, public health, nursing or other related fields (Master's degree strongly preferred) with high level of academic achievement and research potential as demonstrated by one of the following: 
    • Successful production of a good Master's level thesis
    • Publication in an indexed peer-reviewed journal
  2. Good command of English needed to carry out research and publication, as demonstrated by: 
    • TOEFL examination score of 500 or more, or an equivalent English language examination results
    • Passing the English language examination administered by the Department of Foreign Language, Prince of Songkla University
  3. Good knowledge of research methodology, epidemiology, biostatistics and computing, as evidenced by passing the entrance examination organized by the Epidemiology Unit.
  4. Be physically and psychologically fit, as evidenced by having a medical certificate from authorized hospital in the home country.

Arrangement of the Doctoral curriculum

The curriculum is divided into 3 phases.

Phase I

During Phase I, the candidate catches up on research methodology and related subjects, and develops a research proposal suitable for a Doctoral thesis. At the end of this Phase, the candidate is required to pass the Qualifying Examination and Proposal Defense Examination to demonstrate readiness to carry out thesis research. The length of this phase depends on the background and potential of the candidate, but a minimum of one semester of residence time working on campus is mandatory. Additional time may be required for candidates who need to take more coursework.

Phase II

During Phase II, the candidate carries out thesis research and collects data under a faculty supervisor. The thesis can be one research project with significant magnitude of research content suitable for a Doctoral Degree, or can be a series of related projects. In the latter case, the candidate can publish the results of one study while data collection activities for other studies are ongoing. This Phase takes an average of 18 months or 3 semesters.

Phase III

During Phase III, the candidate writes up the thesis and prepares for the Doctoral Thesis Defense Examination. The candidate also needs to prepare for the Comprehensive Examination to demonstrate broad and profound knowledge in the candidate's research area. This Phase takes an average of 2 semesters.

Click here to see the Programme Learning Outcomes and Quality Assurance - Ph.D. (Epidemiology)

Programme Outlines - Ph.D. in Epidemiology (International Programme)

1st Year

1st Semester



Medical Statistics and Statistical Computing

4 credits


Epidemiological Methods I

3 credits


Appraisal of Articles in Journals

1 credits


Computing, Data and Database Management

2 credit



10 credits

 2nd Semester



Seminar in Research Methodology

3 credits


Epidemiological Methods II

3 credits


Advanced Medical Statistics and Medical Data Analysis

3 credits


Field Work Research

2 credits


Qualitative Research

3 credits



14 credits

2nd - 4th Year

1st Semester




8 credits



8 credits

 2nd Semester




8 credits



8 credits

Grand Total 72 credits

The 48 thesis credits will be arranged and achieved as the following performances:

1Progress of proposal development
8 credits
2Proposal and qualifying examination
8 credits
3Half of research data collection
8 credits
4Completion of data collection
8 credits
5Data analysis and manuscript & thesis preparation
8 credits
6Thesis and Comprehensive examination
8 credits

Total48 credits

Tuition and Fees (US Dollars)

Per year tuition fees payable to Prince of Songkla University.

First year(course work) $6,000
Each subsequent year $6,000

Establishment costs and living expenses etc. payable to the students

The budget for these costs may vary according to the funding agency. We recommend the following preparation:

First year only
Establishment costs $250-500
Field work $200-400
First and subsequent years
Health insurance per year $250
Living expenses per year
(foods, accommodation, local transportation, etc.)
English tuition (optional) $500
Note For Thai Nationals
Tuition Fee 90,000 Baht per year
Scholarship is available.

Research expenses

Depending on the topic of research, the student generally needs approximately $4,000 to $6,000 as the budget for their thesis research.

Admission policy and procedures

Please see the HOW TO APPLY page

Immigration requirements for study in Thailand

All foreign nationals entering Thailand must process valid passports. Visas are required for a stay of longer than three months. Participants are advised to apply for non-immigrant visas at the Consular Section of the Royal Thai Embassy in Their Country of Residence.

Career Options for Ph.D. graduates
  1. Epidemiologist in the Section of Disease Prevention and Control of Ministry of Public Health or other government agencies
  2. Researcher in the field of health sciences, social science, education, health economics or public health as a principal investigator in a research project, senior data analyst, reviewer of projects and evidence for policy support
  3. Lecturer/Teacher in the field of health sciences in the University or College as experienced researcher or student thesis advisor
  4. Public health officer
  5. Research consultant


Department of Epidemiology

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