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Come Study Global Health Epidemiology in Thailand!

The Epidemiology Unit provides graduate education in epidemiology and public health research with English as the exclusive medium of instruction. Our education programs are  known as the International Programs for Graduate Study in Epidemiology. The Programs are designed to provide a sound grounding in the principles and practices of research in health sciences, with an emphasis on epidemiological applications.

We aim to enlighten learners in the science of population health and support their work in identifying the determinants of health problems and find ways to improve public health. We inspire learners to be self-reliant in their search of truth and new knowledge and form new connections. We strive to create an environment for mentorship and collaborative learning with constructive criticism and quest for novelty.

The Programs are suitable for clinicians and others working in the health field who wish to strengthen their research capacity or embark upon a research career in health sciences. Our students' research areas include reproductive health, cancer epidemiology, pulmonary diseases, occupational, environmental and injury epidemiology as well as health system research.

Based in the city of Hat Yai in southern Thailand, the students in our Programs come from the Asia-Pacific region as well as Sub-Saharan Africa. As of June 2022, our current students are from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Our recent graduates who have defended in the past years include scholars from Ethiopia, Fiji, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

Educational philosophy of the programme

  • Enlightens learners in science of population health, attempting to disclose magnitude and causes of health problems and the way to improve health
  • Inspires learners to seek truth and new knowledge under self- reliance and communication with others.
  • Creates environment for mentors and students in collaborative learning with constructive criticism and quest for novelty.

Our Programs Include: 

The Course Descriptions can be found HERE

Academic calendar

The Academic year starts in August and ends in May. Application for the Master’s programme should be submitted before the end of January. There is no deadline for application to the Ph.D. programme.



Department of Epidemiology

6th Floor, Administrative Building,
Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University,
15 Kanjanavanich Road, Hat Yai,
Songkhla 90110 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)74-451165-6
Fax: +66 (0)74-429754,
E-mail: ltippawa@hotmail.com , cvirasak@gmail.com

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