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2nd Pan-Asian Biomedical Sciences Conference which held at the Chinese University of Hong kong
Annouce date : 2014-12-23 Event date : 2014-12-11 View : 98
On 11-12 December 2014, Prof. Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong and three PhD students (Ms. Rukmanee, Mr. Udomsak and Mr. Chetta) joined the 2nd Pan-Asian Biomedical Sciences Conference which held at the Chinese University of Hong kong, Hong Kong.
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Adaptation “Surveillance System Thailand: WHO-SEARO” for South Africa
Annouce date : 2014-12-22 Event date : 2014-11-15 View : 118
On 15-23 November 2014. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tippawan Liabsuetrakul and Mr. Tagoon Prappre visited the University of Pretoria, South Africa. For this trip to deliver lectures on the topic titled: surveillance system Thailand : WHO-SEARO” for South Africa and improve the surveillance system.
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Ms. Kathryn Demanelis precented topic: Childhood Cancer in Thailand
Annouce date : 2014-12-02 Event date : 2014-12-02 View : 164
On 2 December 2014, Ms. Kathryn Demanelis, Ph.D student from the University of Michigan, USA presented the topic titled: “Childhood Cancer in Thailand: An Introduction to Population-Based Analyses Examining Differences in Childhood Cancer Incidence and Survival between Thailand and the United States". at classroom 1, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00p.m.
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Dr. Volker Winkler from University of Heidelberg
Annouce date : 2014-12-01 Event date : 2014-11-28 View : 140
This is a wonderful time for our students in the Epidemiology program which Dr. Volker Winkler from University of Heidelberg to deliver lectures at our unit on the topic titled: Presentation about University of Heidelberg and his research on 28 November 2014
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International Visitors
Annouce date : 2014-11-14 Event date : 2014-11-12 View : 139
There are international visitors, Laura Rozek (http://www.sph.umich.edu/iscr/faculty/profile.cfm?uniqname=rozekl), Katie Rentschler and Kathryn Demanelis, from School of Public Health, University of Michigan.

The person in these pictures is Kathryn Demanelis, one of Ph.D. Candidate, and now she is cooperating with Assoc.Prof. Hutcha Sriplung M.D., deputy head of administrative, Epidemiology Unit, Faculty of Medicine, PSU under the theme of "Childhood Cancer" during November 12, 2014 - December 5, 2014.
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The Fieldwork at Nayong, Trang
Annouce date : 2014-11-03 Event date : 2014-10-24 View : 165
The first year students, staffs, and lectures in Epidemiology Unit did the Fieldwork at Nayong, Trang during 24 - 30 Octorber 2014 under to theme of Health seeking behaviors of Na Yong residents and their satisfaction and expectations towards health care services (พฤติกรรมการบริโภค ความพึงพอใจและความคาดหวังของประชาชนในอำเภอนาโยงต่อระบบบริการสุขภาพ)
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